Saturday, December 26, 2009

White Christmas

Show Time Sadie’s, “What’s in it For Me” Scale
1. It was boring, or ordinary, or ho hum, don’t waste your time.
2. It was entertaining, but dinner would have been good too.
3, It changed my life in some miraculous way

What can you say about "White Christmas" except that you're dreaming about it. Many people remember Bing Crosby and ? It took Sadie a long time as well and she's a professional. It was Danny Kaye. The show, like the movie (was it a show first and then a movie or visa versa?) That could be a question on "Jeopardy". This is why Wikapedia exists -- so check it out. Anyway, the story and music never change. They are always charming. And what can you say about Irving Berlin's music and lyrics except, "I want more."

The leads, James Clow (wonderful voice, not such a great actor), Melissa Errico, (wonderful voice, good actor), Tony Yazbeck (Terrific dancer and nice stage presence), and Mara Davis, (looks nothing like her head shot but is quite charming), all seem towork together nicely. They are not exceptional but they are just fine -- if you love Irving Berlin, which Sadie does.

There are more sets than Sadie has ever seen. And they are like little packages, which you can wrap up, put in a carton and send anywhere -- and they are lovely. The costumes are red and white and even when they're not, you think they are. The choreography is outstanding -- it may be the only thing that changes every year, but even if it doesn't it seems always fresh. Generally speaking, it's worth the price of a ticket--especially if it's discounted.

Sadie enjoyed herself. But she can't give the show more than a 2, because she loves Danny Kaye. And if she had the choice of watching the movie or seeing the show, Sadie would probably stay home in a warm bed with a great brandy.

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